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TBF’s Forbidden Knowledge Gains Access

We are the first filmmakers to be granted access to filming participants in FDA-approved trials with psychedelics before, during and after the therapy sessions. Until now, requests from filmmakers were denied on the grounds that camera presence may interfere with the scientific integrity of the study.

But Dr. Michael Mithoefer, the leading psychotherapist in the country in treating PTSD victims with MDMA (Ecstasy), has agreed to allow us to film participants in his 2017 pilot study which treats both the PTSD patients and their significant others. The IRB regulating the study has also approved our filming.

UnknownMost PTSD patients do not fully recover using   any existing medications and therapies. In early  trials, the MDMA treatment has shown remarkable results with chronic patients who have already exhausted all available options. Promising trials are also  undergoing with psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) in treating depression and addiction. While psychedelics remain illegal, the FDA is expected to grant in early 2017 approval for launching Phase 3 trials, which is the last stage before an experimental drug is approved for medical use. The film will follow the progress of Phase 3, which will test psychedelics on hundreds of patients throughout the country.

Forbidden Knowledge: The Return of Psychedelics (working title) is expected to be released around the time Phase 3 trials will be completed and the Federal government will be faced with a difficult decision: whether to allow psychedelic substances back into American medicine.

The Globalization Trilogy

humanitas & cinema green

Bitter Seeds wins the Green Award in Berlin


Bitter Seeds has won the 2013 Cinema for Peace International Green Award . The award, founded by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010, is given at a gala event during the Berlin Film Festival.Micha Peled was at hand to receive the award from the head of the UN World Food Program in Berlin. Among the finalists Bitter Seeds beat to win the award were Gus Van Sant and Matt Dillon with feature Promised Land and Jeremy Iron with Trashed.


Bitter Seeds Wins IDA Humanitas Award in Los Angeles 

The International Documentary Association (IDA) selected Bitter Seeds for the Humanitas Award.

This award is given to a film that explores the hopes and fears of human beings who are very different in culture, race, lifestyle, political loyalties and religious beliefs in order to break down the walls of ignorance which separate us

In his speech, Micha Peled’s dedicated the award to India’s farmers. But it was his comment about Monsanto at the end of the speech that got the most attention. See the speech clip here.

Bitter Seeds Wins Korean Green Award 

Bitter Seeds won the Jury Award at the Green Film Festival In Seoul. “Showing your film at GFFIS2012 is prestigious honor and happiness for all of us,” said festival organizers. It comes with a 30,000 Won award.

Bitter Seeds Wins Twice At IDFA in Amsterdam

award21updateBitter Seeds won the Green Screen competition Award at IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam. Fifteen films competed, of which three were nominated. Earlier, the film had won the Oxfam Global Justice Award (see below).

The competition jury president, Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost), read out the jury’s the reasons for the award:

One film in particular stood out for its skillfulness in weaving together an economic, agricultural and sociological narrative, but above all in telling a number of different human stories. It showed us struggle, but also a possible way of escape. It added up to so much more than the sum of its parts. It was masterful, cinematically rich and it totally grabbed us in the guts. That film is… Bitter Seeds by Micha X. Peled.

Goal! completes Kickstarter run

We hit our target, but we’re still fundraising because we had to use some of our own money to reach the 30K marker. After deducting Kickstarter commissions, we cleared only 21K. If you’d like to support this important film, please contact us. All contributions are tax-free


GOAL! is an inspiring documentary about how soccer helps  the homeless regain control of their lives. It follows the five women who go on the U.S. team to the Homeless World Cup.

See trailer.




Our Kickstarter Campaign 

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   Our Wall of Donors

In Production: GOAL! The Incredible Journey

Can soccer help people out of homelessness? The transformative power of sports launches Kay from Charlotte, Angelina from Sacramento and their teammates from around the country out of their shelters and lives at the margins of society to represent the U.S. in the Homeless World Cup. This initiative combines soccer with assistance in transitioning out of homelessness through job, education and housing. Boarding an international flight, the players embark on a journey of a lifetime, where they will meet and compete against homeless soccer teams from 50 nations, and be challenged to their limits. (More…)

Watch the reel here.

Production Almost Completed for Goal!

Jan 10, 2014

We did follow-up filming with our characters , Kay in Charlotte, NC, and Maria in Minneapolis to see how their lives have changed since the trip to Poland. (More…)

Kay in Charlotte, near the car in which she was sleeping before going to the Homeless World Cup

Kay in Charlotte, near the car in which she was sleeping before going to the Homeless World Cup

Maria has started community college, where she is busy conjugating Spanish verbs.

Maria has started community college, where she is busy conjugating Spanish verbs.








   Filming the Homeless World Cup

Nov. 20, 2013

The U.S. sent both Men’s and Women’s teams to the Homeless World Cup, which took place this year in Poznan, Poland. Over 50 countries participated, and the place felt like an Olympic Village. Our players, who have never left the country before, had a real eye-opener to the Big World out there. Friendships formed easily. We filmed there for ten days with two Polish shooters. (More…)

Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony.

Women's Team USA.

Women’s Team USA.



   The San Francisco Foundation Supports New Project

August 20, 2013

logo_tsff_footerThe SFF selected our new film, GOAL! The Incredible Journey for funding of the early production phase. (More…)



   Teddy Bear Films filming in Times Square

July 20, 2013

The three-day, eight-camera shoot of the Street Soccer USA Cup is a key part of our new project. Production begun in March. Many thanks to GoPro for donating HERO 3 cameras, which enabled us to get some awesome footage… (More…)




China Blue in Spain Red

Barcelona, June 14, 2013

Our film China Blue has weighed in on the debate on the economic future of Spain, when it was featured at the 4th annual Social Responsibility Week in Barcelona.

Micha Peled skyped in his part in the post-screening Q & A.


Bitter Seeds to air in Canada and Iran

June 2013

The film broadcast rights have been acquired by Radio Canada and Iran’s official television channel in English, Press TV. So far, Bitter Seeds has aired on tv in eight countries, including PBS.



Trilogy Travels from Canada to Brazil

May 2013
Cinemas are beginning to program the three Globalization Trilogy films together.

Global Trilogy-slide[1]

Micha Peled is traveling with the films to Vancouver, for screenings organized by the Vancouver Int’l Film Festival. Local Radio and press have been reporting on the events. Follow a screening at the legendary Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, WA, the Trilogy travels to Port Townsend, where Micha’s visit has also received advance coverage. From there Micha is flying to Sao Paolo, Brazil, to present the film at the 2nd Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival. All of this takes place during the last two weeks of May.


In June 2-9, the Globalization Trilogy films will be presented at the Rafael Cinema in San Rafael, CA, with Micha doing Q & As after each screening.

April – Big Month for Bitter Seeds

Bitter Seeds is showing on a dozens of PBS stations, covering over 2/3 of the national PBS audience. You can find out about a station air date in your area.

The film and director are also traveling this month, starting Apr. 12 and 14 at the Sonoma International Film Festival. The rest of the tour:

• Apr. 16 in New York City: Stranger than Fiction program at the IFC

•Apr. 18 Boston (actually Cambridge) at MIT

• Apr. 19 in Worcester, MA, at The New Economy Summit at Clark University

• Apr. 20 Earth Day in Minneapolis, MA, at the Mother Earth Festival .

Bitter Seeds Makes Educational Rounds In Bay Area

Jan 30. 2013

Micha Peled will be discussing the film with students around the Bay Area in early February:

Feb. 11: San Francisco Cal State University

Feb. 12: 5th Annual Environmental Youth forum at the Calif. Film Inst.

Feb. 13: Stanford University, MFA documentary film program

India Village Tour – Farmers React to Bitter Seeds

Maharashtra, India – Nov. 25, 2012

Bitter Seeds has gone on an India village tour, where Micha Peled and local activists showed it to farmers on a mobile projector unit. Farmers’ reactions were recorded on video and will later be placed on line.

The village tour, a dream-come-true to film director Micha Peled, was coordinated by Video Volunteers through a grant obtained by Link-TV.

Read all about it.

PBS Stations Air Bitter Seeds Before Elections

Oct. 22, 2012.
California’s Prop. 37 will require labeling GMOs in food. A number of California PBS stations are airing the film in time for voters to become better informed about GMOs.