The Globalization Trilogy

Produced by Teddy Bear Films, the Globalization Trilogy puts a human face on complex issues resulting from global economic forces that are shaping life today worldwide. The trilogy aims to generate debate about public policy and consumer choices regarding these issues.

Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town focuses on consumerism in the U.S.

China Blue investigates the sweatshop labor conditions in the manufacturing of the clothes we all buy.

Bitter Seeds looks at the raw materials – the crisis of the farmers in India who are growing the cotton exported to China’s garment factories to be used for the clothes sold in the West.

Each film explores deeper layers down the production-consumption chain, always featuring strong story-telling and stunning cinematography up front and center.

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Featuring memorable characters and compelling stories, the films have enjoyed wide distribution. The films won 25 international awards, aired on over 40 television channels and screened in more than 150 film festivals. They were distributed theatrically in Europe, U.S. and Japan, and were released on DVDs in seven languages. They are often used in schools, by NGOs and community groups.



The story of one small town resisting the entry of Wal-Mart is distributed to educational institutions and public libraries by Bullfrog Films, where the film has been a best-seller since 2001.

Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town Trailer

Major awards:

•  The San Francisco International film Festival – Golden Gate Award for Best Documentary

•  CINE (Washington DC) Golden Eagle Award

• Nominated by the International Documentary Association for the IDA Distinguished Achievement Pare Lorenz Award

•  Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Television Competition

Selected press quotes:

The filmmaker Micha Peled follows a tradition of social-minded documentarians, dutifully presenting all sides…  Mr. Peled’s persistence is rewarded by actual drama. “Store Wars” becomes a fascinating study in community action and a valuable reminder that people still can care enough about a place to fight for it.

                                                            The New York Times

A dramatic tale, and one with a true cliffhanger ending. Store Wars is a primer for social activism, a handbook for any David thinking of taking on a Goliath.

                        Business Week

Economics, politics and the persuasive clout of corporate America play key roles in “Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Came to Town,” an intriguing PBS documentary in which one pivotal meeting shaped the future of an entire community

The Los Angeles Times



Distributed internationally by Film Transit, which has sold it to television broadcasters, DVD and theatrical distributors in 33 markets.  The film has screened  in over 80 film festivals, and was released on DVD in seven languages. Theatrically, it was released in the U.S., Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand and Japan. The film has been banned in China. China Blue is also distributed in the U.S. to educational markets by Bullfrog Films.

China Blue Trailer 

Major awards:

•  IDFA (Amsterdam) – DOEN/Amnesty International Human Rights Award

•  The Toronto International Film Festival – Official Selection

•  PBS/Independent Lens – the season’s Audience Award

•  International Independent Film Festival of Mar del Plata (Argentina) Best Documentary


Selected press quotes:

•  “A heartbreaking and meticulous documentary about life inside a blue-jeans factory in China… the film develops a natural dramatic structure that’s profoundly affecting. Mr. Peled doesn’t just record the girls’ indignities, he listens to their dreams.”

            The New York Times

•  Must Watch of the Week

Entertainment Weekly

•  “The most heartbreaking, moving film in theaters right now is not “Babel” or “Letters From Iwo Jima. ”  It is China Blue… This is an unforgettable film. “

The San Francisco Chronicle 


The film is internationally by Film Transit.

Bitter Seeds Trailer

Major awards:

Oxfam Global Justice Award (by audience votes)

• IDFA (Amsterdam) – Green Competition Award (by jury)

Selected quotes:

• Rounding out his “Globalization Trilogy” with another affecting, character-driven portrait designed to indict corporate opportunism, Micha X. Peled exposes the issues underlying a rash of farmer suicides in “Bitter Seeds.”  — Variety 9/5/11

• Films like this can change the world.   —Alice Waters

• A tragedy for our times, beautifully told and deeply disturbing.  – Michael Pollan

• Better than a Batman movie, with real villains making up their own lines. – Peter Sellars