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  • This excellent program uses a David vs. Goliath scenario — small- town citizens versus corporate behemoth — to offer an engaging rendering of a placid community enlivened by political action… The filmmaker Micha Peled follows a tradition of social-minded documentarians, dutifully presenting all sides, including Wal-mart’s, though his heart is clearly with the protesters… Mr. Peled’s persistence is rewarded by actual drama. In capturing this passion, “Store Wars” becomes a fascinating study in community action and a valuable reminder that people still can care enough about a place to fight for it.  —NEW YORK TIMES, 6/4/01
  • Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far-away (actually, Ashland, Va), a small band of rebels united to take on a powerful empire… A gripping examination.  —ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY 6/8/01
  • … Absorbing documentary, written, produced and directed by Micha X. Peled.  —WALL STREET JOURNAL, 6/1/01
  • A documentary about a town’s struggle with the concepts of preservation and change — it is a dramatic tale, and one with a true cliffhanger ending. Store Wars is a primer for social activism, a handbook for any David thinking of taking on a Goliath.  —BUSINESS WEEK, 6/7/01
  • Economics, politics and the persuasive clout of corporate America play key roles in “Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Came to Town,” an intriguing PBS documentary in which one pivotal meeting shaped the future of an entire community… How will the vote go at the Town Council meeting? Peled keeps us guessing…Written and directed by Micah X. Peled, this worthwhile program centers on the deep divisions in Ashland, Va., a small, idyllic town where the country’s largest retailer planned to open its latest mega-store.  —LOS ANGELES TIMES 6/14/01
  • The year-long battle roughly reflects a larger cultural clash between homespun American values and cold corporate homogeneity. Somebody won — I won’t say who — and San Francisco-based filmmaker Micha Peled was on hand…Palpable drama and suspense as a lame-duck Town Council gathers for its vote.  —SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE 6/21/01
  •  … an excellent documentary (9 tonight, WFYI )… On its face, Micha Peled’s film is the story of what happened in Ashland, but it can be seen in a much broader context as a battle of values…  —INDIANAPOLIS STAR, 6/7/01
  • This story has been told in towns across the United States for many years, but rarely has it been told with as much clarity and verve as in Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town.  —THE COLUMBUS (OH) DISPATCH, 6/ 6/01
  • Wal-Mart is coming and a town is in a tizzy… Tradition-bound, churchgoing Ashland, VA, will never be the same… It is a familiar melodrama unfurling across Small Town, USA. Tight and balanced…  —AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATEMAN, 3/10/01
  • A smartly shot look at big business splitting apart a small town.  —AUSTIN CHRONICLE 3/9/01
  • Frightening as it is informative.  —VANCOUVER (BC) SUN 10/1/01
  • This classic American tale… the clash between the conflicting versions of the American dream.  —THE INDEPENDENT 6/01